Weekly Market Update – 5/9/22

Weekly Market Update – 5/9/22

All data is for the week ended May 6, 2022.


In a very volatile week, the broad US stock market (S&P 500) declined slightly, by 0.18%. The Russell 2000 dropped 1.29% and the tech-heavy NASDAQ lost 1.50%. Overseas, the developed markets (MSCI EAFE) was down 2.78% while the emerging markets index (MSCI EM) dropped 4.12%. Within the US, the best performing sectors were energy and utilities while real estate and consumer discretionary were the laggards. Value outperformed growth.1

Fixed Income

It was well anticipated that the Federal Reserve would increase its fed funds target range last week by 50 basis points (or 0.50%) to 0.75-1.00%. This follows the Fed’s decision in March to raise its rate by 25 basis points.2 The Fed chair also stated that the next rate increase, in June, is anticipated at 50 basis points as the board did not see the need for more aggressive rate hikes.3 The benchmark 10-year treasury bond finished the week with a 3.12% yield, up 23 basis points.4


The price of West Texas crude oil rose 4.85% last week following the European Commission’s decision to place an embargo on Russian crude oil in six months. This decision is positive for oil prices because it lowers the available supply. West Texas crude finished the week at $109.77 per barrel. 5

Economic Data

The unemployment rate was steady for April at 3.6%. Job openings currently sit at 11.5 million while the number of unemployed persons stands at 5.9 million – that’s 1.9x openings for every American looking for a job.1

Company News6

BP p.l.c. (BP), a G40i and Energy Sector Focus holding, reported earnings that exceeded consensus estimates and increased their share buyback program by $2.5 billion on top of the $1.6 billion executed in the prior quarter.7 Shares rose 10.93% for the week.

Bank of America (BAC), a G50, Core Select and Contrarian Choice holding, reported that growth in purchases on its debit and credit cards advanced 13% on a year over year basis during April as consumers continued to spend at a pace well ahead of inflation. Notably, spending at airlines and travel agencies surged 60% in that time.8 Shares rose 4.96% for the week.

ConocoPhillips (COP), a Core Select and Energy Sector Focus holding, reported earnings that exceeded expectations. Additionally, the board increased its dividend and raised their share buyback program by $2 billion.9 Shares rose 12.74% for the week.

Did you know… 

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Mariann Montagne, CFA

Portfolio Manager


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