Successful Retirement Solutions

401(k) & Employee Benefits

Successful Retirement Solutions offers a Multiple Employer 401(k) plan called SRS-PEP. The Successful Retirement Solutions Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan is exclusive to Clients. The SRS-PEP is a retirement plan solution for businesses with 2-500 employees.

By participating in the SRS-PEP, small businesses can offer all the benefits a large company can at a competitive price. The new legislation, in the form of the “SECURE Act” provides for the creation of a new retirement vehicle called a “Pooled Employer Plan” (“PEP”), in which unrelated employers may participate and have their 401(k) plans treated as a single retirement plan.

Save money by joining the SRS-PEP. Employers who participate in the SRS-PEP give their employees access to the same low-cost investment funds that large employers can offer. Take advantage of the tremendous tax savings and tax credits employers receive that offer a 401(k) to their employees. Avoid taking on the costs and administrative challenges of establishing a standalone retirement plan.

You may also qualify for a tax credit(s). There are two ways to qualify. 1. The New automatic enrollment tax credit. The automatic enrollment tax credit is $500 per year for up to three years and is separate from any eligible startup tax credit. Credit is available for an eligible automatic contribution arrangement in a qualified plan SEP or SIMPLE. 2.The Start-up cost tax credit. The start-up credit is 50% of your ordinary and necessary eligible start-up costs up to a maximum of $5000 per year.