Successful Solutions, LLC has been providing health insurance broker services to San Diego businesses for over 25 years.  We are the broker for 100’s of small and medium plans and the recommended broker for members of the San Diego Tourism Authority*, and San Diego County Apartment Association**.

There are many advantages to having Successful Solutions represent your health insurance plan.  As a seasoned health insurance broker we can help you run the plan more efficiently, save you time and money, and help manage the relationship with your insurance provider.

By allowing our team to assist you, you can focus your resources on other areas of your business.  As your broker some of the services we offer include:

  • Provide annual reviews and a complete retail survey to be certain all of your needs are being met at the best price available in the market
  • Provide onsite annual enrollment meetings and enrollment support
  • Bilingual Enrollment Assistance
  • Enrollment Materials
  • Personalized Employee Worksheets
  • Help your employees with Doctor and Rx searches
  • Offer responsive unlimited support from our knowledgeable team

The first step necessary in evaluating the options available for your group health insurance plan is for us to take a look at your employee census, current bill, and most recent summary of benefits.  After we take a look, we will want to schedule a phone call to discuss your needs in more detail, then set up an appointment for a consultation where we will present our analysis and make recommendations.

You may contact us by email: or phone 619-460-9433.

We look forward to hearing from you.